Registration Information

There are five different classifications of Spanish Warmblood horses. To see the classification chart, please click here. The breed profile can be found here. Complete registration bylaws can be found click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook.


Owners are encouraged to register foals at birth. PSW and SW Mares and Stallions must pass inspection to attain approval for breeding. Inspection is recommended at 3-5 years of age. Mares and stallions must have passed inspection in order for offspring to be registered in their appropriate section. Inspection information can be found click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook Inspections bylaws.


Any horse applying to register in either section of the Appendix, or as a Supplementary Spanish Warmblood is by approval only. Approval information can be found click here for the link to ISWHA Handbook Inspections bylaws.


All horses registered with the association are eligible to participate in the Competition Award Program which tracks points from competitions. Results from the competitive program are updated twice annually on the website.


Registration begins with an application. If you were not the recorded owner of the dam at the time of foaling and would like to register the foal in your name, you will also need a completed Transfer of Ownership form.  click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook Transfer Ownership form. Applications, and transfers of ownership forms, can be found on this web site or they can be mailed to you from our office. There are discounted registration fees for members. click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook membership Application.


Need to find a registration fee?  click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook Fees Schedule


Please ensure that you use the appropriate form for your horse. There are different forms for the following:


Spanish Warmblood and Pure Spanish Warmblood:                 Registration                                Inspection Application


Supplementary Spanish Warmblood:                                             Registration                                Approval Application


Appendix A/Appendix B:             Mature Horse Registration                   Foal Registration                    Approval Application


Pure Spanish Warmblood and Spanish Warmblood horses require DNA testing to be eligible for registration. It is recommended that all horses have DNA on file and be microchipped.


Click here to order a DNA kit or Microchip


Passports and Branding: At the present time the ISHWAH is not yet issuing passports or offering branding. If you require a passport for your horse, please contact your local equestrian governing body or the FEI.

Completing Your Application


Naming your horse


Please provide two name choices. If your first choice has been taken, we will use your second choice. If the second choice has been taken, we will send you a letter requesting a third choice. Names can be no longer than 30 characters (including spaces).You may use a hyphen (-) or apostrophe (‘). Each will count as one character, and words on either side will be counted individually. There can be no more than four parts to the name. For instance, “MY PRI-TEE GIRL’S STAR” would not be an acceptable name. The name contains an acceptable number and type of characters (22) but is made up of 5 parts – only 4 are permitted.


Completing the Breeding Certificate and Pedigree


The stallion owner should complete the breeding certificate information. Please be sure to indicate the dates when the mare was bred with each method. If the foal was conceived with an embryo transfer please fill in breeding dates for the donor mare and provide the date that the embryo was implanted in the recipient mare. The ISWHA must have DNA on file for the donor mare and the stallion. There is a separate form that must be filled out for embryo transfers in addition to the section in the breeding certificate. The Embryo Transfer Application can be found here. The vet who performs the embryo transfer signs both forms.


If you are registering a mature horse or a horse for any section of the appendix you must complete a pedigree. Please fill in the information accurately. If you are unable to fill in any parts of the pedigree, please write “unknown” in the section instead of leaving it blank.


If your horse has already been registered with another registry, please provide the details including the name of the registry, the registration number, and whether or not that registry has your horse’s DNA on file. If your horse is already microchipped, please provide the number.


If you are using a frozen embryo or retained semen, you must attach the appropriate permit with your registration information. The Frozen Embryo Permit satisfies the signature requirements of both the dam owner and stallion owner. The Retained Semen Permit satisfies the signature requirements of the stallion owner only.


Markings and Identification


Please use a black pen to indicate the boundaries of any white markings. Please carefully check the horse for cowlicks/whorls and mark each one with an x. See Photo GuidelinesYou must also enclose a set of close up photographs showing your horse’s markings, brands, and scars. A complete description of colours and markings can be found in the Handbook, rule 19 and 20


Photo Guidelines

Please ensure that photos are well lit and well focused. The horse should fill the frame.

Ensure that the horse is standing square and is well set up for conformation shots. When conducting close-up photographs of the horse’s legs, ensure that both legs are clearly visible in the photo. Please take these photographs at the level of the horse’s knee or hock. Tails should be braided up or knotted out of the way. Please braid long manes and forelocks. You must label your photos with the horse’s name, date, and photo number.


Please submit the following photographs:

Full Body: 1A Left side, 1B Right side, 1C Front, 1D: Back

Head and neck: 3A from left, 3B from right, 3C from front

Front legs: 4A straight ahead (show both legs standing square), 4B from Left side 4C, from Right side

Hind legs: 5A directly behind horse (Left and right legs, tail braided or held to side), 5B from Left side, 5C from Right side.

Submitting your Application


Ensure that you have all of the required forms properly filled out. Please mail us your application(s), complete with fees and photos. Once the Association has received and approved your completed application and fee you will receive a DNA kit and Microchip. Your vet will need to place the microchip and collect a sample for the DNA test which you will send to the laboratory. When the ISWHA receives the results of the DNA test, the Registration Officer and one other board member will assess your horse (Appendix Section A or B applicants only) for approval. PSW or SW applicants will have their DNA verified prior to acceptance in the ISWHA registry. When all registration requirements have been met, you will receive your Certificate of Registration. This process can take up to 12 weeks depending on when we receive the DNA results back from the lab.


If you would like to apply to have your horse inspected and the horse has not yet been registered, please submit both sets of forms for registration and inspection, as well as the required supporting documents, photos, video, and fees, at the same time. 

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