Inspection Information

Required documents to process inspection:

  • Application for Inspection form
  • Veterinary Report form
  • DNA and Microchip form or certificates (required if applying for SW or PSW status)
  • Original Registration certificates for applicant horse
  • Copy of registration certificates for sire and dam
  • Full set of current, clear, colour photos (see guidelines)
  • Video showing horse’s athletic abilities (see guidelines)
  • Inspection Fee


Horses will be inspected for quality of conformation, movement, temperament, soundness and type against the Breed Profile. Horses applying for Pure Spanish Warmblood or Spanish Warmblood status will require DNA testing to confirm that they have appropriate foundation blood.


Horses who have passed inspection will be given the title of “Inspected and Approved mare/gelding/stallion” for their level of registration. All horses may be eligible for upgrading their status if they obtain a “Certificate of Recognition” through the Competition Award Program. Mares and Stallions may be eligible for upgrading their status if they produce three foals who receive the title of “Premium Performance” through the CAP program (see rule 51)


Please refer to the Hand Book for complete inspection information.  click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook Inspections bylaws


Click here for the link to registration form

click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook inspection forms

click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook Schedule of Fees

The grading and inspection system will be in place until the founder and the board have decided there is enough genetic material for this breed to sustain itself without infusing any outside blood into the gene pool. When there are 200 horses registered in the main stud book the grading process will be reviewed and changes may occur. When the numbers reach 500 horses the grading system will be reviewed again and the necessary changes will be made with the possibility of a closed book at that time.


Live inspections will be conducted when possible. Contact us to find out if there will be an inspection near you. We will arrange for inspections to be conducted via submitted video if we are unable to send an inspector to your area. You must submit the requested videos, photos, documents, and fee to the registration office with your application for inspection.


Video Guidelines

Please send a good quality video that is approximately 10 minutes long showcasing the horse at work. The video must include an in-hand display much like you would be asked to perform in a halter class.


Walk the horse directly towards the camera. Halt. Make a ¼ turn and stand the horse up. Wait 10 seconds. Make a ¼ turn and trot the horse directly away from the camera. It is important that your lines be straight and your video be focused. We would like to see at least twelve steps in each direction.


Please also include ridden flat work and jumping a small course with a minimum height of 2’ 6”. We will also accept a video of free jumping. We request that your horse be well groomed, long manes braided, and that tack and attire be tidy and workman-like. We prefer to see your horse in a plain noseband. If you are riding in a dropped, flash or crank noseband, please demonstrate on the video that you can fit at least two fingers between the noseband/flash and the horse’s jaw. We are looking for athletic ability, quality of movement, obedience, and work ethic.

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