Competition Award Programme

Although the ISWHA is not yet officially associated with any competitions, the association does want to recognize your efforts on your Spanish Warmblood horse. As a result, your accomplishments can be recorded on your registered horse’s official lifetime performance record through the ISWHA Competition Award Program (“CAP”).

Points may be accumulated at any competition which is sponsored by an association, organization or affiliate that has an established record-keeping, governing body. Points may be accumulated in the following disciplines: Flat classes, Hunter, Jumper, Dressage, and Eventing.

Available Awards are:

“Certificate of Recognition” (25 Points)

“Outstanding In Performance” (50 Points)

“Premium Performance” (75 Points)

“Premium Producer” (when three offspring obtain

“Premium Performance” status)

“High Point” – One High Point Award will be awarded annually per discipline (Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, Flat, Eventing).

ISWHA Affiliate or Youth membership is required to enroll your horse in the “CAP” and must be maintained annually along with your “CAP” Card to receive awards and continue to accumulate points.  Application for ISWHA Competition Awards Program. (Application Form)   Once we have your enrollment form in the office you may begin earning points. You will receive your “CAP” Card and an Exhibitor Reporting Form after your application is processed.

New applicants to the “CAP” program may apply to have results from previous shows in the last three years recognized. Please contact the officefor details.  click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook CAP Exhibitor Reporting Form   When you place in any class or event, see the show secretary or manager and present them with your Exhibitor Reporting Form ISWHA Competition Award Program (Show/Competition Repart).   Ask the official to inspect your horse’s registration papers and scan your horse’s microchip (where available), to verify your participation on a registered Spanish Warmblood. Next, ask the official to complete and sign the report form, which tells the ISWHA how you finished in the event and how many horses were entered. Then, return the report form, along with a show bill or schedule, to ISWHA within 30 days of the event.

You will then receive CAP points based on your placing and the number of horses you competed against. See rule 57of the hand book for information on how points are tabulated. click here for the link to the ISWHA Handbook CAP Tabulation of Points   For your victories in any “CAP” category, you earn credits that are recorded on your horse’s official lifetime performance record. “CAP” results are listed on the website and updated twice yearly.   A Certificate of Recognition is awarded to your registered Spanish Warmblood when it earns enough points to win an award. A horse who earns a Certificate of Recognition may be eligible for upgrading within the registry or to have their sire or dam approved or upgraded. (See rule 35,)

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