For complete rules and regulations, please see the Hand Book.


PURE Spanish Warmblood– A horse produced by crossing two Spanish Warmbloods who are registered and approved with the International Spanish Warmblood Horse Association. Horses must have direct breeding to Foundation Spanish Warmblood stock. The Spanish Warmblood horse must have a minimum of 25% Spanish blood and ideally will have approximately 25% Thoroughbred blood. The registry may accept half of the Thoroughbred blood to be substituted with a light breed sport horse, such as Trakhener, Arabian, Welsh, Connemara, and crosses from these breeds- Approval required.


Spanish Warmblood– Any horse produced by combining an Appendix Section A with a Pure Spanish Warmblood, or an Appendix Section B with a Pure Spanish Warmblood. Appendix Section A horses who have sufficient Foundation Spanish Warmblood DNA, as described in the rules, may be upgraded to Spanish Warmblood.


Supplementary Spanish Warmblood – Open to horses who are 50-75% registered Andalusian, Lusitano, or Lippizaner, (crosses within the Andalusian, Lippizaner, and Lusitano are permitted,) and 25-50% Thoroughbred. Owners must provide proof of parentage and horses must pass inspection.


Appendix Section A– Any horse who has passed inspection and meets the requirements for the Spanish Warmblood Breeding Criteria (rule xx) AND is either:


  • Registered in the registry of, or proving a minimum 50% blood from, a registered Thoroughbred, Andalusian, Lusitano, Lippizaner, Kladrubby, Knubstrupper, Connemara, Irish Draught, or Trakhener.
  • Any horse with 50% PSW or SW breeding.


Appendix Section B -Any horse who has passed inspection and meets the criteria of the Spanish Warmblood breeding program. These horses must meet inspection criteria for type, movement, conformation, and temperament. Open to most light horse breeds. Inspection Only


Foundation Spanish WarmbloodCLOSED BOOK. The original horses in the Spanish Warmblood breeding program included Dulcero (PRE stallion, great grandson of Maluso 1947), who was bred to select TB, Andalusian, and Warmblood mares. There are also two foundation stallions, Jose and Amigo*, who were sired by San Miranda Jacoby, Trakhener and were out of Alicia De Lucinda, also from the Maluso line.


Breeding Charts- Creating the Masterpiece of the Pure Spanish Warmblood


Breeding charts v2


Blood requirements for Registering a Pure Spanish Warmblood or Spanish Warmblood

The minimum required for the “ideal” Pure Spanish Warmblood is a mix of 40% Andalusian or Spanish Blood, 40% Thoroughbred, and 20% light horse breed. The registry requires a minimum of 25% Spanish blood (Andalusian, Lusitano, Lippizaner, Kladrubby, and Knubstrupper) and 12.5% Thoroughbred blood. If you are registering a horse with 12.5% TB blood, there must be at least an additional 12.5% coming from a light breed sport horse (Trakhener, Arabian, Welsh, Connemara, and Quarter Horse).


Refer to the Handbook for more detailed information on registering your Spanish Warmblood and acceptable crosses. 

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